Poggio di Sotto

Poggio di Sotto
Established by Piero Palmucci in 1989, Poggio di Sotto has, in a short time, become one of Montalcino's cult wines. Piero's search for the perfect location was meticulous and he spent several years researching the regions soil types and climates to best suit Montalcino's Sangiovese Grosso. He settled on Castelnuovo dell'Abate in the southern part of the region and collaborated with the University of Milan to assist in selecting the best clones.

Although the climate here is warmer than other communes within Montalcino, the hot sea breezes from the Mediterranean are blocked by Monte Amiata and the Ombrone river generates cooling breezes at night.   Biodynamic viticulture, high vine density, extremely low yields and extended cask ageing combine to produce what many refer to as 'the Burgundy of Brunello'. Piero had an uncompromising committment to Sangiovese in purezza and enthusiastically supported the creation of sub zones for Montalcino, saying "I would love for Castelnuovo dell'Abate to become an official sub-appellation so consumers can know that this Brunello is made in one of the sunniest parts of Montalcino where Sangiovese matures perfectly".   The wines are characteristically light in colour, with complex aromas of red berry fruit, earth, leather and tobacco. Firm acidity and silky yet substantial tannins give the wine a long-lasting flavour.

In 2011, with no descendants, Piero sold his beloved estate to Claudio Tipa of nearby Colle Massari. Claudio has no plans to change any aspect of Poggio di Sotto.
  • Village: Castelnuovo dell'Abate
  • Province : Siena
  • Established : 1989
  • Owners : Claudio Tipa
  • WineMaker : Federico Staderini & Maurizio Castelli
  • Production : 40,000 bottles
  • Hectares Under Vine : 12
  • Viticulture : Biodynamic
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